Is It Time For Your Spouse To Live In A Senior Memory Care Community?


Probably one of the hardest things you and your spouse will face will be the challenges of being old. Whoever said that the senior years are the golden years was probably very young. Whoever said, Old age is not for sissies hit the nail on the head. At least that's true for many senior citizens. Perhaps your spouse is one of those who has been living at home with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. 

When you married for better or for worse, taking care of a spouse with great challenges was probably far from your mind. Has the time come for you to arrange for your spouse to live in a senior memory care community?

If your spouse does move into a senior memory care community, your life and your spouse's life will be made much easier. In fact, you'll more than likely find that your spouse will seem more at ease. That is probably due to the fact that he or she will be cared for by professionals who are trained and who have experience in dealing with patients who have issues related to memory loss.

​A Daily Agenda - Your spouse will start each day with a healthy breakfast and with assistance in getting dressed and ready for the day. Then he or she will probably go to the community hall where the day of the week and the month of the year will be given. Maybe a daily agenda will also be explained. For instance, your spouse might be attending an exercise class that will be followed by a morning snack. 

Next there might be craft time or matinee movie where classic movies are shown. That will probably be followed by lunch, and then maybe rest time. 

Safety Is Key - The surroundings at the memory care community will probably seem a lot like home. There will probably be a lovely living room area and a dining room where all meals will be served. In addition, there will be gardens that will be open on good weather days. The gardens and the rest of the community will have secure locks on all doors and gates, assuring that your spouse and the other residents won't decide to explore the area around the facility. 

Day Trips - For those residents who will enjoy field trips, those will be provided. For example, during the spring, there will more than likely be a bus that will take the residents to see the beautiful spring flowers. Of course, they will have staff that will accompany them on all outings.

And, of course, you will be welcome to take your spouse on family outings, too. For instance, if your spouse still wants to attend church services, the staff will make sure that he or she is dressed in appropriate clothes for that outing. 

If you have questions concerning senior memory care reach out to a professional company such as Tabor Crest Memory Care Community.


6 January 2020

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