Medical Equipment: Choosing A Walker That Is Right For You


Many Americans require the use of a walker due to certain medical conditions. If they live in a small or cluttered home or apartment, using the walker can be awkward and cumbersome. Other people can't work up the motivation to follow the doctor's orders to walk throughout the day unless they can enjoy the great outdoors while doing so. No matter someone's mobility needs, it is beneficial to obtain a walker that is suitable for conditions both inside and outside the home.

Reasons to Have a Walker

This type of medical equipment is necessary for senior citizens or others who have health problems that make them prone to falling due to balance problems. The walker permanently provides them with stability and aids them in their mobility. Other people need a walker because they are recovering from a surgery or other debilitating illness, such as a stroke. They need assistance with their mobility in order to get safely from their home to the therapist or doctor's appointments. These people often use the walker only temporarily and some may only need the assistance outside their homes.

Discuss Your Needs with Your Physician

Talk with your physician about what specifications you require in the medical equipment. He or she can write a prescription for the walker that will work best for your needs. Generally, the prescription needs to be very specific in order to be covered by your insurance provider.

Consider the Landscape Around Your Home

If you live in the country and have a gravel or dirt driveway or walkways around your home, it may be best if you invest in a rolling walker with 8 to 10 inch wheels. These will enable you to maneuver safely over the uneven terrain. If your home has concrete walkways that surround the gardens and other areas where you want to walk, you may decide that a walker with standard wheels or even one without wheels best suits your needs.

Don't let a disability or illness prevent you from enjoying Mother Nature, fresh air and sunshine. Speaking openly with your doctor or therapist about your medical equipment needs helps ensure that you enjoy the best quality of life possible within your physical limits. People who prefer being outdoors will thrive more quickly if they have the ability to maneuver safely in their favorite environment.

Look into other types of mobility equipment offered by companies like Lincoln Mobility if you or your doctor think a walker is not sufficient to keep you safe.


6 August 2015

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