Home Care For Seniors With Glaucoma


Glaucoma is an eye disease that causes elevated intraocular pressure, also called eye pressure. Open-angle glaucoma can cause problems with your side vision (peripheral vision,) however, closed-angle glaucoma, in addition to peripheral vision loss, can also cause severe eye pain, red eyes, headaches, nausea, and vomiting. If your loved has glaucoma and needs help managing their condition, contact a home healthcare agency that offers home care for seniors with eye disorders and vision loss. Here are some ways an in-home care provider for seniors can help your loved one manage their glaucoma. 

Eye Drop Instillation 

Most people with glaucoma use prescription eye drops, typically ocular beta blockers. These medications help lower eye pressure, which helps decrease the risk of further vision loss. It is essential that your loved one use their drops every day as prescribed by their eye doctors. If doses are missed, intraocular pressure can spike and further impair vision and cause associated symptoms such as severe eye, visual deficits, and headache.

If your loved one is unable to self-administer their eye drops, a home care for seniors professional can do it for them. The caregiver will make sure that the drops are properly instilled, making sure that the tip of the eye drop bottle does not touch the patient's eyeball. This can cause an eye infection and further compromise the patient's vision and overall health. The caregiver can also notify the eye doctor if the person's vision changes or if they have an adverse reaction to the eye drops.

Managing Eye Examination Appointments

Regular eye examinations are essential for people with glaucoma. During the exam, the eye doctor will assess the patient's intraocular pressure to evaluate the effects of the eye drops. The patient's central and peripheral vision will also be checked for any changes. The home care for seniors professional can take glaucoma patients to their eye doctor appointments so that early eye changes can be addressed and treated.

In addition to eye doctor appointments, your loved one's in-home caregiver can also pick up their eye drop prescription at the pharmacy as well as pick up the person's new glasses at the optician's office, if necessary.

If your loved one has glaucoma and needs assistance to manage their condition, consider the benefits a home care for seniors professional can provide. When glaucoma is well-managed, it may be less likely to progress and cause further eye damage and total vision loss.

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1 June 2023

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