Non-Medical Home Health Care: Is It Right For You?


When you get to the point in your life where you can no longer manage all of your daily duties and routines on your own, you are likely considering your options for assistance and living accommodations. As you are considering your options, you may be thinking about home health care in lieu of going into assisted living or nursing home care. Before you make any major decisions about your future care and assistance, you should get to know some of the ways that non-medical home health care could benefit you. Then, you can determine whether or not non-medical home health care is right for you and your current situation. 

Basic Housework and Errands

Not all people seeking out care need a fulltime caregiver to provide them with personal care. While this is the purpose of medical home healthcare services, non-medical home care has a more varied use that can be easily customized to your needs.

For example, a non-medical home healthcare provider can come over to your home once a week or a few days a week to help you with housework that may be difficult for you to complete on your own. They can also provide transportation and company when you need to go out for errands.

This is especially helpful if you do not feel comfortable driving yourself around town. A non-medical home care provider can also run errands on your behalf so that you do not have to leave your home if you are not feeling up to it for whatever reason.

Medication Reminders and Daily Living Assistance

If you require even more care than basic housework and errands, non-medical home care providers can also provide more involved personal assistance. While these care providers are not allowed to physically administer medications (i.e. hand a client their medication and/or dose their pills or give injections), they can provide medication reminders at the time they need to be taken to ensure the client does not forget their medications. 

They can also provide daily living assistance. This includes mobility assistance if you have difficulty walking without assistance or need help transitioning from sitting to standing or the like. If you have arthritis or other conditions that make getting dressed on your own difficult, home care providers can help with that too. This can span a range from buttoning shirts to fully dressing you. 

Other daily living assistance can include pericare and bathroom care, assistance bathing and showering, cooking food that meet dietary needs, personal grooming, basic companionship, pet care, and virtually anything else you need that is not medical in nature. 

Now that you have an idea of what a non-medical home care service can do for you, you can decide whether or not these services will work for you based on your current care needs and desires. Talk to an organization like Queen City Home Care to learn more.


8 September 2015

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