Getting In The Spirit: Holiday Activities You Can Do With Your Homecare Client


As a caregiver for elderly patients, you are likely aware that activities that keep their emotional and mental health strong are so important. As the season begins to turn toward the holidays, this is a prime opportunity to have some fun and work with your clients on some great holiday-themed activities that can keep them not only mentally strong, but also lift their spirits as well.

Explore New Recipes

Nothing ushers in the holiday season like trying some new recipes. Reading and following recipes is an ideal way to keep the brain engaged and strong. Baking activities are especially helpful, as they involve measuring and calculating ingredients. It also incorporates dexterity with the use of measurement tools, stirring, and using cookie cutters. For additional strength building, clients can also use the rolling pin to roll out cookie dough or pie crust.

Write a Holiday Letter

One common holiday tradition is the writing of a holiday letter to send out to friends and family. Letter writing can be a fantastic way to have your client reflect on the memories of the past year and recall events and activities they have gone to. Have them share their thoughts and achievements in a holiday letter. Taking the time to hand write a letter is an ideal opportunity for both mental and physical strength building. You can make it fun for them by providing some festive stationery for them to write on. If you have the opportunity to take your clients on an errand, have them pick out their stationery and any accessories they would like to use.

Make Homemade Decorations

Making festive decorations is a fun and festive activity you can do with your clients, and it will be another opportunity for them to use their hand strength to make some pretty items for their home. These projects do not have to be expensive or utilize a lot of expensive components. They may even have some items on hand or in their own yard that can be the base for fun and entertaining projects. Some ideas you can use include the following:

  • Make a holiday wreath using a simple form from the craft store. Collect pine cones, greenery, holly berries, and other natural elements found in the yard to construct a beautiful decoration for their front door.
  • Make homemade holiday cards with decorative paper, construction paper, stickers, and any other inexpensive elements you can find.
  • Craft tree ornaments using twine and beads, painted pre-cut wood shapes found at the craft store, or glittered cardboard cutout holiday shapes.

The holiday season can sometimes be a sad or frustrating time for those who are unable to get out of their home by themselves. Involving some fun and festive holiday activities is a great way to lift theirs spirits while also getting in some healthy activity. Be sure to choose activities that are close to their skill levels, and make it fun and exciting for both of you. For more information, contact A Better Home Health Care or a similar location.


22 October 2015

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