3 Missteps To Avoid When Selecting A Nanny


Selecting a nanny from qualified applicants is one of the most challenging decisions you will have to make. The nanny will be responsible for helping to care for your children and he or she will have influence over them. Therefore, it is important that you carefully weigh your options. During the interview and selection process, you need to avoid making these mistakes.

Failing to Stick to the Must-Haves

In some instances, there are scenarios in which having some wiggle room is necessary to get a good deal or find something that you want, such as a home. However, sticking to your list of must-haves for a nanny is important.

Chances are, the list was crafted after careful consideration of the traits you want a nanny to have. You also likely considered your children's needs and wants and their personalities when creating the list. When you start making compromises on your must-haves, you could be losing some characteristics in a nanny that are important to the health and development of your children.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be easy to place more responsibilities on your nanny's shoulders. Unfortunately, the more you pile on him or her, the more unfair the situation becomes for the nanny and your children. More tasks could mean more work for less pay. It could even mean less time spent caring for your children and more time spent doing tasks, such as the household laundry.

It is important that you know before the interview process starts what tasks you expect your nanny to be responsible for. Try to be realistic in what you want from him or her. Remember, the nanny is there for the children and not to serve as a maid. Once you know the tasks, you can focus on a reasonable wage that will make it more likely that you will attract the nanny you want and need.

Failing to Thoroughly Vet the Candidates

No matter how exciting one of the candidates is, you still need to thoroughly vet him or her before offering the position. Everything from his or her criminal background to past employers needs to be checked.

In addition to this, you might consider asking select applicants to undergo behavioral interviewing. The interviewing will look at past performance and behaviors to judge whether a candidate is right for your children.

A good way to find qualified candidates for the nanny position in your home is to contract with a professional nanny service. Most nanny services screen its applicants to ensure only qualified individuals are sent for interviews with prospective employers. 


11 July 2017

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