Use Your Nose To Determine If An Elderly Parent Needs Home Care


Often, the adult children of senior citizens will use a variety of means to determine if their parents require in-home care. For example, you might simply talk to your parent to determine how easily he or she is managing living independently. In more severe cases, a parent's emergency room visit because of taking an incorrect dosage of medication can indicate that in-home care is needed.

Don't shy away from using the power of your scent to help indicate whether in-home care may benefit your parent. This sense can be valuable in many cases, including if your parent may be verbally indicating that care isn't needed. Here are some ways to use your nose for this investigation. 

The Smell Of Urine

When you visit your elderly parent, keep your nose alert for the smell of urine in multiple places. If your parent has experienced some issues of incontinence, he or she may be embarrassed and thus not immediately forthcoming with you. However, you may notice a smell of urine in your parent's bedroom — this can be a clue that he or she is wetting the bed and perhaps not cleaning it properly. You may even smell urine on your parent as you embrace him or her, which can suggest that he or she is wearing old, soiled clothing. 

The Smell Of Spoiled Food

Another olfactory clue that you may pick up on is the smell of spoiled food. Such an odor can be present for a couple of reasons. One is that your parent isn't cleaning his or her home as thoroughly as is ideal, which can leave food spills on the floor, counter, and even on furniture. Additionally, the smell of spoiled food coming from the refrigerator and pantry can suggest that food is going bad before your parent can eat it. These are concerning issues because your parent could inadvertently consume food that may make him or her ill. 

The Smell Of Body Odor

If you pick up on the smell of body odor when you visit your parent, it can indicate that he or she isn't bathing frequently. This could be because bathing has become difficult, or perhaps because he or she is concerned about falling in the tub or shower. Additionally, the presence of body odor may reveal that your parent is washing his or her clothing with enough frequency.

If any of these smells are present, it's important to talk to your parent gently about them and suggest hiring in-home care. The caregiver can address each of these needs to ensure that these smells are no longer a part of your parent's life. Contact a company like Coach for Seniors for more information and assistance. 


5 April 2018

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