Physical Therapy Options For Homebound Patients


When hiring a home care live-in aide, the need for occupational therapy will influence the type of aide you hire. Options range from a personal care aide to a registered nurse. These home care professionals can complement or replace outside or in-home physical therapist visits. 

When deciding on physical therapy options, you should consider: 

  • type of therapy required (geriatric, rehabilitative, light motion exercise therapy)
  • mobility of patient and transportation options 
  • in-home therapy options
  • cost of therapy 

Physical Therapy Visits 

Home care live-in aides take care of all the basic needs of an individual confined to their home. Their duties include bathing and dressing, preparing meals, light housekeeping, and social activities. If your loved one needs physical therapy, a variety of options are available. 

If mobility restrictions are not an issue, home care aides are also able to facilitate transportation to regular physical therapy appointments. If you have a vehicle retrofitted for transporting a handicap person, hire a home care aide who is qualified to drive your vehicle. Regular physical therapy trips and a stop at a favorite cafe, restaurant, or park will promote the well-being of both your loved one and their caregiver.  

Alternatively, many home care aide services provide transportation services for the handicap in specially outfitted vans. Your home care aide will schedule the trips with the transportation service as required. 

In-Home Physical Therapy

If mobility is an issue or daily or more frequent sessions make travel impractical, more therapists are making house calls. Physical therapists dealing with people with mobility challenges often offer home therapy. The home care aide will schedule and manage appointments. 

Depending on the level of therapy provided, a trained nurse may be able to provide the service. 

Comparing the Cost of Physical Therapy Options

The cost of these different physical therapy options vary. With an insurance copay, physical therapy fees range from $20 to $55 per hour and start at $75 per hour without the copay. 

The hourly rates for personal care aides will vary depending on the level of physical therapy they can offer. 

Home care aides earn around $11.55 an hour. They can coordinate all physical therapy appointments and transportation. 

Licensed nursing assistants can provide basic nursing services and range-of-motion exercises. They make about $13.72 per hour. 

Licensed nurses make $23 an hour, and registered nurses make $34.54 an hour. They may have training in occupational and physical therapy. 

Contact a provider of live-in care for more information.


8 September 2020

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